My first real Linux Conversion….!

It’s wednesday, gorgeous outside, and I just got back from the dentist (one of the things in life I hate the most).  I’ve got a buddy coming over today, who wanted me to fix his computer.  He’s a typical computer user… no master, but he’s got a grip on what he needs to do… and I’m always on-call of course ;).

So when he mentioned the issue with virii, etc… I said, why not try Linux?  I showed him my current setup on my desktop machine, with all the eyecandy Compiz has to offer.  The cube was first, then the Atlantis plugin with the fish inside.  I don’t use animations on my windows, cuz they usually run like crap, so I just showed some basic compiz… and he loved the idea… then I started in on the topic of virii and how you’d have to be in rough shape to crash you ubuntu system with an actual virus.  I’m re-doing my Flybook V5 with linux now… it was time for an re-do… and I’m workin on a “user friendly” touchscreen method to get it working…

My buddy will be here shortly, so I’ll let you know how it goes!


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