For the love of god…..

Well… this can be my first rave post… love it… leave it… This needs to be said.  THEY ARE BRINGING BACK 90210?  I’m watching Tommy Boy on tv right now (great movie by the way… one of my personal favorites), and I just saw a commercial for the New and Improved 90210?  After “Dylan’s” wild career of Fifth element, and… a parody appearence on the simpsons, I’m sure these guys have all but spent their lost fortunes on drugs, booze and geriatric products left, right, and center.  Ok, I’m not as mad about it now that I’ve calmed down a bit… but Why the FUCK would they bring this back… LEAVE THE DEAD ALONE!!!!!!!!  Anybody got any comments on this?  Do you think they really need to bring back this show?  Are the writers of the world that tapped for material, or that pissed off that they don’t make enough money, that they had to bring back this idea???

“Housekeeping…. you want mint for pillow?”


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