MY review of the Dlink DIR-655 Extreme

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Did I spell that right?  Or is it Xtreme?  Well, either way, I REALLLLY like this router.

Routers are routers are routers… I haven’t really had a LOT of them in my time, but I’ve always had a lot of computers, and have gone through about 4 or 5 different wireless ones in my time… and one wired, but let’s not even get into that.  I’ve had Linksys, Dlink and Boutiful routers in my day… Started with linksys, and then went to Dlink when I moved out and couldn’t take my linksys with me.  I had a Dlink DIR-524 when I lived in the philippines, so when I moved out of my parents place in Canada, I bought the same thing.  It got the job done over there, and in my one bedroom apartment before, never caused any issues…

Then came the move to Apt #2… the concrete lair as I like to refer to it (actually, that JUST came to me now).  The little one antenna router was no match for the concrete walls, and extra space here, and I started getting some gigabit NICS so I thought it was time to upgrade.  In steps the 655.

To start, it really looks cool.  Glossy white with blue lights… super cool in my opinion.. very MAC esque… though I’ve never owned one.  Dlink has come a long way since the 524 let me tell you.  In the box, I got the router, a stand to keep it vertical, if that floats your boat… ethernet cable, power cord, and the cds and small quickstart guide.  The router had some plastic sticky crap covering the back, telling me to make sure I put the CD in my system before doing ANYTHING.

I run linux, so this is not going to work for me.  Standard setup works for people who have used a router before and know what they’re doing.  I didn’t try the setup features, but it looks like they’ve really come a long way with idiot-proofing routers these days too!

Performance is sweet, I had an issue with the older router and my RT73 based card in my Vye (Kohjinsha), packet loss and the sort, but that has cleared up.  My 802.11B bridge hooked into the bedroom works really well also, no speed issues there, streaming videos and music without an issue.

I haven’t tried any gigabit to gigabit transfers yet, but I’ll keep you posted on that, and how else this goes as I use it more… I really only got it on Friday.



Really? Nobody had geekeree?

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Maybe I’m the only one out here with such a great idea?  Seems like a place to spawn geeks, or something like that?  Well, anyhoo, I’ve switched over to wordpress for my blog.  Had blogger before, but they don’t really have any of the features found on this bad boy… and I kinda like this one better anyways…. I’ll be posting up my rants from my other site eventually, I am a bit lazy you know… but stay tuned, for some serious geek type shit…