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Ubunt On the Vye S41 – New Penmount Drivers

Posted in LINUX!, Reviews and whatnot with tags , , , , on September 17, 2008 by rdubz

Well, it seems my blog is a little boring these days.  Not many views, so I thought I’d write some news about the Vye S41 I have.  It seems to get a pile of hits on google :).  To recap, the Vye S41 is the same as the Kohjinsha SR8.  Its a tiny little 2lb tablet pc.  ITs unique in the sense that its the smallest UMPC to contain a built in DVD Burner.  As mentioned it is a touchscreen tablet.  I’ll also mention that the specs are an Intel Atom 800mhz with 1gb of ddr2.  From what I can tell, most of the internals are USB based.  I’m pretty sure the HDD is IDE -> USB, and I know the wireless is of a USB rt73 chipset (thank god for serialm0nkey).

Anyhoo, fact of the matter is, it runs LInux a HELL of a lot better than vista home premium with just the 1gb of ram.  So… as we all do, I want the touchscreen to work as well in linux as it does in Windows.  I installed a beta penmount driver for hardy (ubuntu 8.04) a while ago, and I wasn’t SUPER happy with it… again it was just a beta driver.  So I had the epiphany to check the website last night for new drivers, and new drivers I did find.  They were up to version 2.2.

Let me say its a MASSSIVE improvement.  No jittery cursor, everything is riiight where I touch… so its good.  The only thing I did notice is that I cannot touch the very top or bottom of the screen.  I hide the taskbar at the top and use a AWN at the bottom of my screen to try and get as much realestate as I can, I notice when the taskbar at the top comes down from being hidden, I can use that normally without issue, but I can’t bring it down by placing my mouse at the top of the screen.  This may also cause issues with people using screen edges to do things with Compiz and the like.  I’m going to keep trying with this, perhaps I messed up the settings.  But if you have a Vye, or anything with the penmount 6000 USB chipset touchscreen… Fly on over to and get the newest hardy driver… its totally worth it!